"With Additional Resources you get ‘what it says on the tin'. You follow a process and Tracy and the team provide ongoing support , so you are not left on your own.  Recruitment is a competitive business and the results can be unpredictable - ideally you would have some of your own clients in order to get off to a good start - but dealing with clients and candidates who have a need for, and benefit from, your efforts is rewarding, and AR make it possible if you are prepared to follow their guidelines and work hard." Richard

"Although I only got involved with Additional Resources quite recently I am already impressed by the support and service they are providing. Training was prompt and effective and I received my first vacancy within a matter of days with others following quite quickly after. Using the system I was able to identify suitable candidates and my record so far is that I submitted candidates to 5 vacancies - I got candidates interviewed for them all and from that 4 had job offers and another has been invited back for a second interview. It does require focus and hard work but I was happy to do that and when backed up by good support and processes it really is a recipe for success. Only 6 weeks or so into the process and I send my first starter invoice in the next few days with others to follow in the next couple of weeks. Well worth the investment I think". Allan

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Salary Negotiation

Most people feel anxious, embarrassed or uncomfortable when the time comes to negotiate a salary. But no matter what position or industry you are preparing to enter, salary negotiation techniques can be useful in assisting you to get what, and going about it the right way.

Things to Avoid:

  • Never over-inflate your salary history. Many people have been caught out exaggerating their previous salary in an attempt to get a higher offer.
  • Don't attempt salary negotiations too early in the process. Nothing concerns a prospective employer more than a candidate whose only question at the first interview is "what's the pay like?"
  • Don't focus just on the salary - look at the entire remuneration package when you are weighing up the offer.
  • Don't get too aggressive in the negotiation process. Keep the bigger picture in mind - you may have to accept a different offer than you anticipated to work in a role or company that is ideal in other ways.

Accepting the Offer

It is perfectly reasonable not to accept an offer immediately, and to request time to consider package that has been presented to you. Discussing the offer with your Consultant, family and friends can assist in allaying any doubts or concerns.

When considering the offer, it's important to bear in mind all your objectives when seeking a new job. Generally, salary is just one consideration, and the organisational culture, role, location, environment and non-financial benefits all need to be assessed when making your final decision.

Once you have agreed to the salary, make sure that you receive your offer in writing. Your salary will generally be documented in your contract or letter of offer.


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