Lack of learning opportunities causing workers to quit their jobs

Lack of learning opportunities causing workers to quit their jobs

Two in three workers have quit their jobs due to a lack of learning and development opportunities, says new research from Totaljobs.

The survey of more than 2,500 people found that the vast majority of UK workers want their employers to offer more training courses and professional development to keep them in their jobs.


Retaining talent becoming increasingly difficult     

Employees now hold much more power when it comes to deciding where they work. With unemployment rates at a four-decade low this year, employers are now struggling to retain their existing workforce unless they have more to offer staff than a paycheque.

Further research from Catalyst found that more than 75% of all voluntary turnover is preventable, with 22% of people in their survey stated career development as their reason for leaving their job. Of these, 21% said they changed jobs for the “opportunity to learn, grow, and be challenged”.

With the data from the Totaljobs study, it is clear that employers failing to provide these opportunities are likely to have much higher staff turnover rates, as employees seek new roles in which they will be able to develop their skills.

Employers need to be able to offer training and learning opportunities in order to retain ambitious and talented staff, since today’s jobs market means employees can easily find a new company that does.

Resourcing and talent planning adviser at the CIPD, Claire McCartney, told HR magazine that “it’s really important that employers identify the development needs of their employees. This will also help employers avoid being constantly hit by high recruitment costs as staff seek development elsewhere.”


Training helps both employee and employer

Overall, Totaljobs found that 41% of people have secured a new job as a direct result of their further training; showing just how important learning opportunities are for professional growth and development.

The study also found that more than two thirds of employees believe training is more important today than it was just two years ago, with four out of five employers stating offering training has positively impacted on their staff’s performance.

It was even revealed by 90% of employers that upskilling just a single individual in a team can improve the wider team’s output, showing just how important providing learning opportunities can be to both employees and their organisation.


Learning opportunities and career development

The UK skills gap – that is, the difference between what employers require their employees to be able to do and what those employees can actually do – is growing.

The Totaljobs research suggests that the British workforce is eager to upskill. With as many as 90% of workers wanting their employers to make more training courses available, many have suggested internal training could help to bridge the skills gap in the UK.

“We are often told by employers of all shapes and sizes that they need skilled employees to fill difficult roles – and they are struggling to find them,“ says HR Director at Totaljobs David Clift.

“This research shows, that there is a keen workforce looking to upskill and improve, so new skills and talents may well be right under their nose. It’s safe to say that training and development is a key area companies need to focus on, it’s a win-win for all.”


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